Local Walk and lots of local history

A walk around North Dalton

Albert Duffill’s personal history

Albert Duffill lived in North Dalton for many years, and later in his life wrote a book of reminiscences.  In the spirit of Albert’s desire that these should be available to anyone interested, and with the permission of his family, these are presented here.   It is possible that there are errors in transcription from the paper copy, so please get in touch if you spot anything wrong.

Albert Duffill’s personal history

Looking back

In 2009, Ray Williams recorded the reminiscences of some of North Dalton’s longest residents, in their own words and voices.  He has kindly agreed to make these available to listen to online.
Looking back: Life in North Dalton 1920s-1940s

Other reminiscences of North Dalton

Memories from Patrick Baker, who lived at The Old School… when it was the School  Memories from Patrick Baker pdf

Reminiscences from Rob Dixon  Rob Dixon’s reminiscences

Old photos

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Wikipedia entry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Dalton

 Village Plan (not totally uptodate)