Faster broadband

Do you want faster broadband?

I’ve just found out that the government is currently running a scheme ( under which rural communities can get vouchers worth £1,500 per home and £3,500 per business to pay for the installation of gigabit fibre broadband (that’s about 10 times faster speed than the best we currently get). It seems that the best way to make use of these vouchers is to pool their value in a community group, because the cost of taking fibre to each house varies depends on its location. In order to find out if this is a financially viable possibility for North Dalton, I’m proposing to get BT to provide an estimate of cost, based on details of a number of premises and their locations. With luck, the vouchers will cover the entire cost of installation. As with all broadband services, there would still be a monthly rental cost, of course.

So, if you are interested (and this does not commit you to anything), please email me at with your name, your address (including postcode) and your landline telephone number. BT needs this information to work out rough costs of installation. Please also mention if you run a small or medium business from your premises, because that increases the voucher value. I’ll compile a group request for a quotation to BT, and when that comes back we can decide if it’s viable and if so who wants to take up the offer.

Peter Robinson